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Panarea is one of the eight Eolian islands located in the north of Sicily; it is a volcanic island though inactive! The highest point of the island is Punta del Corvo at 421 mt above sea level. There are thermal springs near the village of Punta di Peppe e Maria.

It was a lovely, sunny morning on the 22nd of July. I left Certaldo, the village of Boccaccio, early in the morning and  took the 6:18 train to Florence. Once there I got on the fastest train towards Napoli. It was my first time in Naples central station, I found it huge and well organized with shops and colourful signs! I easily took the tube towards Mergellina where in 5 minutes I arrived to the Mergellina pier. From this point I waited for my ferry by SNAV and I got to Panarea after five hours.
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I stayed in Hotel Piazza It is quite expensive as many hotels in Panarea which is known as the vip island. The hotel has got a swimming pool, a spa center and a very small beach. Breakfast is served in the morning from 7:30 until 11:00; I loved the cornetti (croissant) they served in the morning, they came out in fillings such as cream, hazelnut cream, pistachio cream and jam.

Panarea is the right place to chill out and  have fun in beautiful locations such as The Bridge and Lisca Bianca; the first one is an aperitiv sushi bar and the second one a restaurant and a disco! You might be lucky enough to meet famous artists or someone form the jet set! Please have a look at and
My fav restaurant is Da Adelina, check this out at, but you eat well in every single place all over Panarea as well as in the other Eolian islands.

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