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SORANO, Maremma, Tuscany

Sorano is a small village in southern Tuscany in a wonderful area called Maremma. It rises on a tuff stone over the Lente river. The first historical mentions are relative to the 3rd century BC when it was an Etruscan city under the influence of a nearby village, Sovana. In 862 a county was founded by the emperor Louis II under the Aldobrandeschi suzerainty. The Aldobrandeschi were the most powerful feudataries of southern Tuscany for more than four centuries, disapperaring in 1312 when Margherita, daughter of Ildibrandino, died without male heirs. Her daughter Adelaide married to Romano di Gentile Orsini. In 1417 Sorano was forced to accept the Republic of Siena suzerainty and regained the independence in 1556, becoming part of the Duchy of Tuscany.

I arrived at Sorano by car with my friend Sara. The nearest railway station is in Capalbio or Viterbo. There are bus connections to Sorano from Pitigliano, Bolsena , Montefiascone and Viterbo.

I slept in one of the many agriturismo of the area called Affittacamere by Fiorani Fiorella, c.s. S. Simone - Loc. Montorio - Sorano (Gr), Phone number 0564 619262, Mobile 338 8921631. The agriturismo is a guest house in the countryside, usually with a farm. Fiorella and her husband were so nice with us; on the first day of our arrival my friend and I were very tired and Fiorella invited us for dinner. We accepted and had lots of healthy food, all the vegetables came from their garden.

SORANO'S MAGNET, a legend or a true story?
Sorano is a magic and charming village that has attracted and still attracts weird people and I feel like I am one of them! Many of those people have remained in Sorano and the surrounding area for the rest of their lives. Some inhabitants believe in the existance of a magnet that attracts those strange characters, but nobody knows where the magnet is. The legend tells of a meteorite that fell many years ago in the valley that may be the cause of such magnetism. Or maybe there is a real magnet under the soil of Sorano. Well, while I was there, believe it or not, I met extraordinary personalities that told me stunning stories.

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